David Jones Store Casting for Runway Talent Melbourne

A Shout Out to the RMIT Photography Students for Their Work at VAMFF

A team of “happy snappers” from my class at uni. worked during the Virgin Australia Fashion Festival week supplying images for www.voxfrock.com.au and theloupe.org. Many thanks, great work. More can be viewed at the VAMFF tag below.

Archival #6 Bryan Ferry ‘In Your Mind’ Cover Photograph

Way back in 1977 Bryan Ferry asked to use a photograph of mine on this L.P.record cover.I gave permission although strangely never got round to billing his management (we were in the throes of moving to Melbourne).

I see on the Bryan Ferry official website they’re selling signed prints of my image for over a $1000 ! I’m happy for him but this can’t be right!

Another weird thing, in 2007  Tiga, a DJ, borrowed the sleeve design for his L.P. ‘Sexor’. This won the Juno Award for Dance Recording of the Year.

Others have liked it.

Bryan sometimes uses out-takes.

Meanwhile the 1977  early”selfie” below is my original test pic.  I’d shown this to Bryan and he asked me to use the same lighting for a photograph of him. Did a quick couple of rolls on the Hasselblad and gave him the film.

Snaps-RMIT 2nd year Photography Students.

Mid-year assessment time.A closer look.

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LEVEL 10#3

From central Melbourne RMIT fashion design students final year focus

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RMIT Students of Fashion, Final Year, part 1

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Lui Hon Presents

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Jolly Japes and Blue Murder @ Rippon Lea House

Rippon Lea, home of Phryne Fishers Aunt Prudence, is a very busy place – The Miss Fisher Costume Exhibition is being prepared.

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VAMFF – Bush Magic @ the NGV

Romance Was Born

VAMFF-Friday Night. Close up on Mens Grooming.

As a prelude the the mens runway show a fantastically  talented Kara Burdack and her accomplice performed an amazing dance routine.

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VAMFF- The National Graduate Showcase 2015

VAMFF Wed.Strong, Intelligent,Etc

WWW.voxfrock.com.au will give you the full report and posibly some secrets.

All Smiles- Virgin Visits VAMFF Day 2

RMIT University  students visited backstage. We’ll be posting photography every day and showcasing  their work.Go to www.voxfrock.com.au -for more depth on the festival.

VAMFF. The Cast


www.voxfrock.com.au is posting a full report meanwhile the RMIT photography students went to work.

VAMFF 2015 Focus on Tiffany & co. National Designer Finalist Virginia Martin

Dropped into the studio of Virginia Martin designer of the Bul collection.Janice Breen Burns of www.voxfrock.com.au has written a piece on this very talented young ex.RMIT Fashion school designer.Here are a few snaps.

Closer -VAMFF- David Jones/Vogue Big Night

Attended the opening night and rehearsals with some of my RMIT University photography students.We’ll be documenting the event all week. Janice Breen Burns and her student interns will be posting reports on voxfrock.com.au and a big thank you to  VAMFF CEO Graeme Lewsey for his encouragement (himself an RMIT aluminus).

VAMFF/DJs Casting – a Closer Look . Summer in the City

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Summer in the City #3 – NGV Garden Melbourne, January 2015

VAMFF 2015 – Countdown Commenced – #1 Catwalk Casting .

Man on a mission  VAMFF CEO Graeme Lewsey