Paulina Porizkova: Face of the nineties.

In 1989 Paulina  Porizkova won what was then the highest paying modeling contract: a 6 million dollar deal with Estee Lauder. A few months later I was lucky enough to be in New York when Australian Vogue needed a cover shot of her . This ‘clip’ from the job amuses me. A ‘clip’ is a short piece of film cut from the roll and processed to see if any correction to the development time is needed.   +/- .push/pull. lighter/darker.

A 1/3rd of a stop was needed to lighten slightly and increase the contrast

The magazine sold about 96,000 copies which is it’s highest ever circulation figure . Christian Lacroix was credited  with the design of this red stone piece of jewelry. It was in fact a $10 ring bought from a NYC street trader and a junior stylist picked it from the wrong accessory tray! She didn’t tell mention  this gaffe  until Pauline had left the building.