Remembering an afternoon with the incomparable Anna Piaggi.

Anna Piaggi visited Australia in1991 with her friend  fashion historian Vern Lambert and Vogue Australia commissioned me to  shoot a portrait of him.I’d met the amazing Anna  a few times at the Couture Collections in Europe.Vern once dealt in collectable recycled clothes at The Chelsea Antiques Market in London which I used to visit.They were the most respected fashion icons in the world . Once I  discovered Vern was an Australian country boy and accomplished horseman I knew what to do.

Anna styled him with a slight military twist Vogue organised a beautiful creature at The Sydney Show grounds.

Vogue editor Nancy Pilcher with Anna

Vern Lambert died in  August 1992. I ran into Anna a few years later and she told me she kept one of the Polaroids ,which she’d had framed on her bedside table. Anna Piaggi past away in August 2012.