Edward Steichen & Art Deco Fashion Exhibition Opens at The NGV

The exhibition features almost 200 of Steichen’s original vintage photographs, drawn from the vast archives of Condé Nast where he was chief photographer for their most prestigious magazines Vanity Fair and Vogue during the 1920s and 30s, alongside more than forty exquisite Art Deco fashion items from the NGV Collection and select private collections.

Paola Di Trocchio exhibition co-creator.

Todd Brandow, Executive Director, Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography with NGV Senior Curator Susan van Wyk.

William A Ewing, independent curator, and specialist in the history of fashion photography at the media launch.

The snaps of Steichen I used above are from a short documentary showing in the exhibition. “Edward Steichen, America’s Foremost Photographer” circa 1935-36. Produced by Irving Browning, the 16mm film shows Steichen at work. A must see for anybody interested in photography.