RMIT Fashion Design – Focus on the Work of Graduate Student Jean Santa-Annop

Jean wrote about this project –

“*Pourquoi couper un plan?*” explores the interplay between clothing and space. Presenting fashion from a technical

standpoint, the act of pattern drafting becomes a medium in which movement is captured and flattens on paper to

achieve a visual impression. Pattern is a plan, a blueprint of garments that carries combination of lines that would

make up a form. This Project aims to challenge the consciousness of these lines, the infrastructure of all clothing.

Bonding techniques are introduced to generate internal tensions that give way to the motions of body. This allows

the entire garment to remain uncut. Like the act of wrapping paper around a solid form, creases are the result of

internal tensions being released. Motions of the body redirect the cloth into folds that embellished each garments.

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